Marché de Noël

Marché de Noël à Caylus

Samedi 9 décembre l’association L’Atelier organise un marché de noël sur la place de la mairie de Caylus.

Le marché se déroulera de 9h à 19h.

Dans une ambiance Médiévale , nous pensons proposer:

– Une taverne avec vin chaud et chocolat

– Balade en âne ou cheval pour les enfants

– Venu du Père Noël

– Visite guidée du village (en association avec l’office de tourisme)

– Chorale de Caylus

– Conte pour enfants

– Exposants (une vingtaine)

– Restaurations sur place

Décorations de la place & sapin de Noël)

Pour cet événement, des affiches A3 et flyer seront distribués, une communication média (Sortir82, Flaner Bouger, Facebook et CFM).

Inscriptions ouvertes dès aujourd’hui jusqu’au 25 Novembre.

Nous espérons que cet évènement suscite votre intérêt

Pour figurer sur le flyer répondre impérativement avant le 05 Novembre.


Cordialement – L’Atelier


L’Atelier de Caylus (Commerçants et Artisans) invites you to its first Medieval themed Christmas market in heart of historic Caylus !

Step back to a time of dragons, Templar Knights, Mystery and Medieval Ways as you meander through the array of stalls in search of that ideal christmas present. Let the aroma of mulled wines, hot chocolates, roasting chestnuts and pig roast lull you towards a welcome break where you stop to savour local, authentic produce in an atmosphere of a bye-gone era.

There’s plenty for the little ones too. Let them be entertained making their own christmas lanterns and cards, majestic crowns, peg faeries, angels and more as you continue to finalise your christmas present shopping before the arrival of Father Christmas to his Grotto (not exactly medieval but we don’t want tears from the little ones, do we? )

As dusk falls over the medieval rooftops and the christmas lights start to twinkle, gather round the Christmas tree adorned with your children’s christmas hopes and wishes to await the switch on of the Christmas Tree lights heralded in by a local choir.

Tred in ancestral footsteps as you visit Caylus at dusk on a guided visit with flame lit torches and perhaps stay awhile longer to enjoy live popular christmas themed songs and music.


You will need to complete the Bulletin d’Inscription.

Please print the Bulletin D’Inscription and complete it.

To accompany the Bulletin D’Inscription, please also send:

  1. A photocopy of your D1/K/KBis or the official confirmation document of your SIREN number
  2. A photocopy of your registration with either the “Chambre de Commerce”, “Chambre des Métiers”, “Artisan Libre” depending upon business type.
  3. Photos of your work or your stand
  4. A Photocopy of your “Attestation d’assurance professionnelle” – your professional insurance which must be valid and current.
  5. Your cheque made payable to: L’Atelier, Caylus – this will only be cashed the first working day after the market.
  6. A self-addressed envelope



Phase 1: 5TH NOVEMBER 2017 – should you wish your name/business name to appear on our flyers. You will receive confirmation of your placement by 12th November 2017

Phase 2: 25TH NOVEMBER 2017 – places cannot be guaranteed at this deadline and your name or business name will NOT appear on our flyers.

When your application is complete, please send it to:

Mme HURLEY, Jacqueline

14 Avenue du 8 Mai 1945, 82160 Caylus.

In case of need, contact and ask for Jacqueline

Cordialement – L’Atelier